Extra-curricular Activities

Children’s Discovery House offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Apart from providing an academic environment, we promote these activities in order to enhance children’s social skills and boost academic performance. In Children’s Discovery House, we recognize the importance of a well-balanced curriculum. These activities give children the opportunity to discover their potential and uncover their interest and identifying their likes and dislikes in a secure environment where they are mentored. Besides that, extra-curricular programme promotes teamwork among one another and provides children the opportunity to further develop holistically while enjoying themselves.


Our ballet classes promote great work out for children, improving flexibility and muscle strength, from lifts to toe points, making children look effortless as they move along the stage. Besides that, ballet also promotes self – discipline and confidence. It brings out the grace in your child.

Little Kickers

Little kickers is an energy booster programme which involves basic soccer skills such as dribbling, kicking and passing. It provides children to be challenged through fun and interesting games. In every session, we highlight and practice teamwork and appreciation.

Speech and Drama

Our speech and drama classes aim to build children’s confidence, develop great communication skills, enhance vocabulary and widen their creativity and imagination. It offers children the opportunity to master the technique of communication with lots of fun!

Art and Craft

Children will immerse themselves in a creative world filled with colour, patterns, materials to create and invent something new. Our classes promotes creativity as children work towards creating their masterpiece.


Our taekwondo programme involves mind, body, spirit and self-defense training. Taekwondo promotes concentration and self confidence which support them in their academic and holistic development. The belt ranking system  gives a child measurable goals to follow that are realistic to attain.


Children learn language best in their early years of life. Language learning enhances cognitive development and it might help children in the future at career-wise level as they are able to communicate in a different language.Our classes include reading, writing, music and movement, reciting poems, flashcards and worksheets.


Discover the world of engineering with different range of activities, games and science experiments. Our programme allows children to engage in real wold engineering problems such as construction and electronic activities. Apart from that, children learn math and science while having fun.

Music and Movement

Our classes help children develop self-esteem, coordination and social skills whilst they learn to express themselves in a fun and secure environment. Our classes are based on nursery rhymes and fantasies with a lively and active dance twist. Children is given the opportunity to learn and play simple musical instruments.


This programme is specially designed by Children’s Discovery House to promote learning with lots of fun. Creche include a variety of activities such as art and craft, music and movement, sports, cullinary, and science. Each day, our creative teachers will come out with something new and exciting to catch your child’s attention. It promotes holistic development while they enjoy themselves.