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A World of Learning and Exploration for Your Growing Child.

Children's Discovery House is a Montessori kindergarten that seeks to instil a love of learning in children through self-discovery within a nurturing and orderly environment. A child learns best in an inclusive social setting that supports their individual development needs. Our wide range of structured activities is aimed at encouraging a child's healthy emotional growth, physical coordination and intellectual excellence that would give them a strong foundation in life.

The core Montessori subjects of language, mathematics, practical life and creative arts are complemented with cultural studies that encompass science, history, technology, geography and literature. In addition to that, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, music and gymnastics are part of the school program to further enrich the child's learning experience. Students will gain an appreciation for the world they live in through interactive sensorial activities and engaging discussions that stimulate thought and analysis through self-expression.

Children's Discovery House is a carefully planned 'child-centric' school. All our branches are equipped with Montessori teaching materials, inclusive of an art and craft area, music room, gym and dance studio, child-friendly snack and lunch area, sand pit, water play area, children's personal cubby cabinets, reading corner and a playground. Our Montessori-trained teachers love children and are passionate about their work in supporting the child's individual development.

For further information please call 012 205 6756 or visit any of our branches for a guided tour.

Children's Discovery House at a Glance

Admission age: Children aged 1.5 years old – 7 years old
School hours: 8:45am to 12pm / 12:30pm / 12:45pm / 1pm / 2pm / 3pm
Meals: Snack, fruits and lunch provided
Extra-Curricular Actiivities: We offer Arts & Crafts, Ballet & Jazz Ballet, Encore on Keys, Kids Yoga, Mandarin, Taekwondo and Speech & Drama after school.

Key ideas

• The most important years for learning are from birth to age six
• All children want to learn and character development can be nurtured
• Children possess unusual sensitivity and mental powers for absorbing and learning
• Children go through windows of sensitivity in their development, during which certain skills can best be learnt
• Children need freedom to work and learn in a prepared environment
• Children must be loved and respected as individuals


Our Mission:

Every child's personal growth and development is unique. At Children's Discovery House, our highly-recognised Montessori program is carefully structured to provide a dynamic and stimulating learning environment that nurtures each child's developmental needs. Our classrooms provide the freedom to discover their full potential – intellectually, physically and socially – within an orderly environment that promotes self-discipline.
These positive learning experiences fostered during the formative years of childhood, will later guide them throughout their lifetime.
The following key ideas form the basis of our educational principles:

• The early childhood years form the most critical time for character building

• A child's development goes through Sensitive Periods, during which they are most attuned to mastering a particular learning skill.

• Children learn best within a prepared, purposeful environment that gives them the freedom to explore their world.

Our classrooms are equipped with materials that allow children to learn through hands-on activities and discover the joy of learning independently. Our Montessori teachers are specially trained to support and recognise each child as an individual learner.

At Children's Discovery House, you can be assured of a stimulating, nurturing space for your child to grow.